Litigation & Dispute Resolution Articles

Civil & Commercial Litigation, & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

A primary part of Forrest’s practice has been and includes civil, commercial, and complex litigation.  Forrest now works with llients to create strategies and structures to avoid such situations, as they are costly and stressful, but can pursue contested resolution when needed.

Forrest is prepared for the challenges of litigation and having a competitive edge in the pursuit of victory for his clients.  Forrest has worked hard to gain experience in a variety of civil and commercial litigation practice areas, including personal injury, construction and real estate issues, product liability, business law and transactions, municipal law, employment law, trucking, carrier, restaurant, and other commercial liability, environmental, energy and water law, regulatory and administrative law, recreation and gear defense, and more.  Forrest has defended a variety businesses, both large corporations and small privately owned, and pursued matters on behalf of similarly situated clients and injured individuals.

Forrest has focused a majority of his career not only on civil and commercial litigation, but also advantageous resolution for the client, whether it be through traditional courts and, if needed, trial, alternative dispute resolution processes, or using the facts, creative problem solving, and analysis of the situation to find client friendly solutions.  Forrest has earned a Mediation Certificate through the National Conflict Resolution Center, successfully mediated small claims court disputes and commercial litigation, and been heavily involved in international and domestic arbitration competitions and proceedings.

Forrest would be happy to listen and discuss any conflict you may face, which has or could result in litigation.  It is ideal for you to discuss such a matter with an attorney as soon as possible, so that your rights can be advocated and defended.  Please realize that time may be of the essence to bring a claim or post a defense against ones brought against you or your business.

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