Intellectual Property

Comprehensive Service

Conatus Counsel has experience representing creative clients throughout the intellectual property life cycle, from inception to protection, as well as long-term strategic considerations. The list below includes several of our most popular intellectual property services for businesses and entrepreneurs.


As a business, you want the ability to protect your brand and your reputation. Trademark protection can be an essential early step to lock in your rights and ensure that no one else gets the say on your name. Conatus Counsel offers a comprehensive trademark service, including registration, monitoring and enforcement, acquisition, assignment, licensing, and consulting related to state, federal, and international trademarks.


Almost any venture with a creative aspect will come across the field of copyright law. While some protection matters are straightforward, Forrest can assist with the ones that get complicated. From registration and drafting policies to regular monitoring and (rarely) litigation, Forrest will work with you on the ins and outs of your business copyright plan.

Domain Name Acquisition and Protection

Conatus Counsel assists clients in acquiring their desired business domain name through negotiation, arbitration, and litigation. You may have rights to a domain name that is currently registered by someone else. With the explosion of e-commerce and search marketing, getting the perfect domain name matters more now than ever. Forrest can advise you on how to go about registering or acquiring your domain and protecting it long-term.


IP Licensing is an area of growing importance to businesses and solo practitioners that often requires the expertise of a dedicated attorney. Licensing agreements may take a variety of different forms depending on the industry, subject matter, duration, and expected use of the property to be licensed. Spending a little extra time on the front end developing a strategy can pay off in the long run with a competitive IP portfolio.

Conatus Counsel is committed to representing its clients’ best interests through drafting, negotiating, and revising licensing agreements that set a business up for long-term success. Whether you are a potential licensee, a licensor, or just want to learn about the services I offer, contact us for more information.

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