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Personal Injury

Forrest has extensive experience in litigating and resolving personal injury disputes and litigation on both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s sides.  Whether it be an on the job injury, vehicular accident, or other unfortunate series of events which resulted in a substantial personal injury it may be important for you to discuss the situation, potential sources of recovery and recoverable damages, and methods of resolution with an attorney.  Before you accept another’s insurance settlement payment, you will want to confirm the long term costs and care required, and working with an attorney can further ensure you get the proper amount for all future needs.

Resolution may be as simple as a phone call or letter, but Forrest is prepared and has the skills to take the matter through trial if necessary.  It may also be important to have an attorney review any sort of settlement you are considering, to insure that the amount covers all available damages and injuries and is formatted to protect the parties involved.

Conversely if you have a business or are an individual facing personal injury claims, it is vital for you to seek immediate legal representation to defend your interests and rights, including possible insurance coverage.  Forrest’s experience allows him to not only provide an initial platform defense, but also to think outside of the box for additional defenses, including affirmative ones, and discover and highlight facts to improve your position for resolution.  Forrest has experience working with insurer’s for coverage, and involving your insurance may be vital to fund a solid defense.  If it is possible and appropriate, Forrest can tender your insurance, and the other party’s if necessary, and continue to communicate with all involved parties towards a positive conclusion for you or your business.

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