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Forrest is a native of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, and has also spent significant time on the East and West Coasts.  Through his many diverse outdoors interests over the years Forrest has become acutely aware of the challenges and needs of our environment.  Forrest recognizes that the environmental policies and concerns must balance with societies need for growth and development.  He also appreciates working with businesses on their environmental, regulatory and administrative fronts, including brownfield redevelopment.

Forrest earned his undergraduate degree from Tulane University in Political Science and Environmental Studies.  While Forrest was attending the University of San Diego School of Law (USD) he performed work for the University of San Diego’s (USD) Energy Policy Initiatives Center and interned with the San Diego City Planning and Community Development division.  He also handled an environmental legal clinic matter from inception, through city council presentations to the drafting and submission of pleadings, which ultimately caused a successful settlement protecting the Loma Alta Creek in Oceanside, California from the development of a concrete plant on its banks.  Finally, he was a founding member and articles editor of USD’s Journal and Climate and Energy Law, the first of its kind in the country.

Forrest performs environmental, and other, regulatory consulting and handles administrative matters and proceedings for a wide range of businesses and industries.  Forrest has significant regulatory experience through his studies, internships, and practical experiences.  He has also been regularly involved in the Green Building Community, through his own family’s construction practice and since as an attorney.  And, while Forrest recognizes the societal need for growth and development, he believes that it should be performed in a responsible and sustainable method.  It is not only important to wisely use and possibly conserve resources for the purposes of limiting personal and public costs, both external and internal, and the potential adverse health effects, but also for future generations to enjoy.

There are now many environmental issues facing us personally, and as a society at whole, including but not limited to slope and/or sedimentation issues, green building and construction, renewable energy development, water law, quality, and commercialization, farming, Superfund and Brownfield site development, and conservation.  Whether you are a non-profit, private individual, or business facing or interested in environmental legal issues, regulations, or claims, Forrest is prepared to work with you or your business for the most ideal resolution for you, your business, and future generations.

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